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Happy Tail Dog Training:  Positive Methods.  Positive Results. 

Quincy having fun with Abby Greiner at the Charlottsville VA NW3 trial. Copyright 2015 Colleen M Griffith. All Rights Reserved.

Sample Videos from NACSW Sanctioned K9 Nose Work Trials

July 5 & 6 NW3 Trials, Huntington MA

(Note: the below videos were published with all of the handler's knowledge and consent)

Videos from these two trial days are no longer available for sale.  

Scroll down to see videos from the July 6th NW3 Trial



July 5th NW3 Trial: Karin Damon & Jeep (1st Place Overall)





July 5th NW3 Trial:  Lisa Mallory and Kelly





July 6th NW3 Trial: Stacy Barnett & Judd (2nd Place Overall)




July 6th NW3 Trial: Abigail and Quincy (3rd Place Overall)


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