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In the photo: Leslie Wharton & Layla admiring their ribbons at their Charlottsville VA NW2 trial, © 2015 Colleen M Griffith. Colleen is a professional photographer & CNWI based in MD and films NW trials in the following states: CT, DE, MA, MD, NJ, NY, OH, PA, RI, VA, and WV. By end of 2017 she has filmed ~70 NW trials and at all levels, including Nationals.

Purchasing Photos

Sometimes it's possible to extract decent photos from the video I capture at NW trials.

Extracting decent photos from video is time consuming work and each order is a custom job, hence they are $10 for each photo.

Also, because it is custom work, I typically won't set up a separate custom folder so that you can preview the photos and pick and choose between multiple options unless it is a large order. So, in most cases you'd be buying the photos sight unseen. I will preview the videos and photos before sending the photo(s) to you and if I'm not confident it's a good photo, I'll let you know ahead of time so that you can decide to move forward or cancel your order at that time.

Often the quality of the photos will be good enough so that you can print the photo as large as 8x10 and end up with a good quality print IF you use a good photo printing lab like Bay Photo. But in some cases, you may only get good quality in a 5x7 print depending on the lighting conditions, etc.

All photos will be emailed to you in digital form (.jpg format) and you may print as many copies as you like and display them on social media (FB, etc). Each digital photo purchase includes a Personal Use license. If you'd like to use the photo(s) for Commercial purposes (same usage criteria applies as for the trial videos), then the price will be a bit more than what I charge for a Personal Use license. Please let me know if you'd like to use the photo(s) for Commercial purposes.

Each photo will have a small unobtrusive watermark, "© 2017 Colleen M Griffith," in small print in the bottom right hand corner. 

You can pay using the PayPal button below: just select the appropriate number of photos from the drop down button and Colleen will email you the photos directly (for small orders) or email you with instructions on how to download the photos (for large orders) once she receives payment. 

Custom Photo Purchase

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