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NACSW K9NW Trial Videos

Hawley PA, Sept 23, 2017 

Included are videos for the NW2 Trial ONLY

NACSW does not permit videoing of Interior Element Specialty Trials

Videos from these trials will no longer be for sale after November 15, 2017

And all videos from these trials will be discarded after Nov. 15, without notice

Click here for sample videos of each element videoed 

(Note, when I choose the sample videos, I choose ones that represent the general quality of the videos I captured during the trial searches; that way you can use the sample videos to get a feel for the quality of the videos from your individiual searches when you're deciding to make a purchase.)


Click here for sample videos of each individual search I videoed for each trial. This is THE BEST way to judge the quality of the videos for the searches you're interested in purchasing. I select the sample videos to be representative of all the video I shot of each element. 
  • NACSW does not allow video of Interior Elements to be videoed. 
  • I captured video of all elements searches at the trial (except Interior element searches in the NW2 trial)
  • Two videos per search: many of the searches have two camera angles for each search. I do this to ensure I cover all aspects and areas of the search since the CO does not allow me to move around. So, when purchasing searches with multiple camera angles, you essentially get all those videos for the price of one. Check the sample videos to see which searches have multiple camera angles. 
  • I typically have full visibility to all hides in all searches videoed. However, check the sample videos to ensure this is the case for the searches you're interested in purchasing videos. 
  • Blocked Indications: occassionally the handler steps between the camera and the dog, thereby blocking the dog's indication. On very rare occassions, a judge or a volunteer does this. Again, this is rare. Colleen will attempt to let you know when this occurs before sending the video to you so you can choose if you want to cancel your order or continue with your purchase (although it's not a guarantee she will be able to do this). Once she sends the video to you, there are no refunds. 


Additional General Information 

  • Click here to see sample videos from all elements from all trial days 
  • You may purchase video of the dog/handler team only for the dog that you own 
  • PREVIEWING COMPETITOR VIDEOS: It is not possible to preview individual videos before purchasing because NACSW does not permit me to post all videos from the trial to a public website. However, NACSW will allow one or two videos from each search to be posted as sample videos, so competitors can use them to see the quality of the video of their searches when trying to make a purchasing decision (i.e., from the sample videos, you cam see the camera position, understand what parts of the search the camera captures and which parts it doesn't, where zoom is utilized, if there is panning of the camera, the lighting conditions, etc). 
    • Since NACSW does not allow the videographer to post all videos of all competitors to a public website, individual and private galleries must be created for each separate competitor and the link to each competitors private gallery must be emailed to each competitor. So, it's prohibitively time consuming to do this if the competitor isn't going to buy the videos contained in those private galleries. 
    • Also, many of the videos from a trial are very large files so it takes a considerable amount of time to upload them. Plus, all video from the trial are edited and processed extensively and that must be done for each individual video, which is a time consuming process.
    • For a typical trial day, there are a total of 225 videos (for a two day trial weekend, that's 450 videos!) and since each video must be hand processed individually, backed up, and uploaded into a competitor-specific gallery, and a separate email sent out to each individual competitor with their own separate password for their individual gallery, this is too time consuming to do it folks aren't going to purchase video. 
    • So, instead, Colleen publishes sample videos (with the handler's permission) to her public website so folks can understand what the quality of the video will be like when deciding if they want to make a purchase.
    • Keep in mind that when Colleen chooses the sample videos, she chose ones that accurately represent the general quality of the videos she captures during the trial searches, including where she was standing for the searches - this will let you know what the quailty of your videos will be like.
    • Colleen has many repeat buyers of her videos, so folks are pretty happy with the quality of them and are happy with how the sample videos represent the quality of their videos.
    • For those who are accustomed to previewing NW trial photos, purchasing video in this way may be a paradigm shift and I'm sorry if this different paradigm makes you too uncomfortable to make a purchase. For what it's worth, this practice of buying video sight-unseen is common practice in many other dog sports, like agility for example (and they generally don't even get to see sample videos before making a purchase).
    • Scroll down to see Colleen's commitment to quality statement regarding the quality of her video and customer satisfaction.
  • All videos are .mp4 format.
  • Colleen's primary camera is a professional grade DSLR video camera with a full-format sensor and the videos are High Definition (HD) quality - this means, they can be blown up and watched on a large screen TV and still have excellent video quality (no pixelation, etc).  This camera also has full sound and professional grade wide angle and telephoto lenses with zoom capabilities so she is able to capture all the action, including zooming in during the search, for capturing even the most subtle body language and communication from the dog. The quality of the video is excellent in low lighting situations as well.
  • Colleen also has multiple secondary cameras that are wide-angle stationary cameras with full sound and no zooming capabilities.  The format of these videos is also High Definition, HD, quality and can be blown up and watched on a large screen TV as well. 
  • Videos from this trial date will no longer be available for sale after Nov 15, 2017 and all copies will be discarded after that date.  This is because of space constraints.  I capture high resolution videos, which require a lot of memory. And I video at a lot of scent-work/nose-work trials. Since digital storage space is not free and it fills up quickly, I must discard videos and photos that are over a few months old in order to free up space for my next photography or video assignment. If you purchase your videos, be certain to download them before the deadline and make sure you can find them on your computer. I will not be able to help you once I delete the videos from my computer, website, and backup drive. And if you don't buy and save a copy, they will be gone forever. 
  • You may purchase videos of your dog at any time - just follow the below instructions.  :-)



General Information About Purchasing Videos

  1. PRICES: you may purchase either a  Standard Use License or a Premium Use License for the videos captured at the trials.
      • Standard use licenses allow one to use the video for Personal use only. This means, you can share the videos on social media like Facebook or Youtube. Or you can play them for friends and family. You may NOT however, give a copy to your NW instructor so that (s)he can post on his/her website since that constitutes Business Use. If you would like to do that however, you may purchase a Premium/Business Use license (see bullet below) which would include those usage rights. 
      • Standard licenses include the following video editing: trimming, global adjustments to brightness and contrast, as well as appropriate cropping. A small watermark, "© www.ColleenMGriffith.com", will also be included in the bottom right corner of the video. 
      • Standard licenses do NOT include the following video editing: title, arrows indicating the hide location(s), labels for distractor(s) in the container searches (if there are any), or merging of multiple camera angles into one video (when there are multiple camera angles captured for a search). If you'd like these edits to be made to the videos of your searches, you'll want to purchase a Premium/Comercial License.
      • Multiple video purchase discounts will be applied, with a deeper discount the more videos you buy
      • Video of one search, the price is $20/search.
      • Videos of 2 searches are discounted by 5% or $38 total
      • Videos of 3 searches are discounted by 8% or $55 total
      • Videos of 4 searches are discounted by 10% or $72 total
      • Videos of 5 searches are discounted by 15% or $85 total
      • Videos of 6 or more searches are discounted by 20% (they are $16/search)
      • NOTE: SOME SEARCHES HAVE TWO VIDEOS PER SEARCH (each video is a different camera angle); THIS IS TYPICAL FOR THE VEHICLE SEARCHES. IN THOSE SITUATIONS, THE PRICE IS STILL THE STANDARD PRICE AND YOU GET BOTH VIDEOS FOR THAT SAME PRICE. This is because sometimes, multiple camera angles are necessary to capture the entire search and that's why some searches will have more than one video per search. Read the descriptions at the top of this page to learn which searches have two camera angles (two different videos) included for the price of one video. 
      • Premium licenses require much much more editing time and so have a higher price than the Standard license.
      • Premium licenses include all the video editing included with a Standard license PLUS, they will also include a title added at the beginning of the video, arrows indicating all hide placements, labels for distractors in the container searches (if there are any), and merging of multiple views when multiple camera angles are captured. See the sample videos for examples.
      • If you do not want the arrows to be included in your video, just let me know that when you make your purchase and I won't include them. 
      • Premium licenses are required if you'd like to utilize the video in any sort of Commercial or Business capacity. See bullet #2 immediately below for a description and for examples where a Business Use license is required. This is another reason why Premium licenses are more costly than the Standard licenses.
      • Multiple video purchase discounts will be applied, with a deeper discount the more videos you buy.
      • Video of one search, the price is $30/search.
      • Videos of 2 searches are discounted by  5%, or $57 total
      • Videos of 3 searches are discounted by  8%, or $83 total
      • Videos of 4 searches are discounted by 10%, or $108 total
      • Videos of 5 searches are discounted by 15%, or $128 total
      • Videos of 6 searches are discounted by 20%, or $24/search
      • NOTE: SOME SEARCHES HAVE TWO VIDEOS PER SEARCH; THIS IS TYPICAL FOR THE VEHICLE SEARCH.  IN THOSE SITUATIONS, I will merge the multiple camera angles from the multiple cameras into one seamless video for the Premium/Commercial use licenses. Read the descriptions at the top of this page to learn which searches have two camera angles included for the price of one video. 
  2.  PREMIUM USE/BUSINESS USE LICENSES: a Premium use license allows one to use the video for business purposes IN ADDITION to personal purposes.  In other words, if you'd like to use the videos for any use that's intended to sell a product, animal (i.e., Breeder Brags, or posting on a Breeder website), sell a service (such as dog training), or in any sort of endeavor where you receive payment for anything, then that requires the purchase of a Premium Use/Business Use license. A FEW examples (but not an exhaustive list) of what constitutes Business Use and hence, where Premium Use Licenses are required include:
    • If you're a breeder - posting to your breeder FB page, or posting to your breeder webpage or breeder blog; or posting to your breed club webpage or registery, etc, requires the purchase of a Premium/Commercial use license.
    • If you're a dog trainer, behavior consultant, or a Nose Work instructor - posting to your training business FB page; or posting to your business webpage; or posting to a group FB page where the intention is to showcase your teaching/handling skills; or posting to any other public site where the intention is to drum up attendance in one of your training classes or for your training products or services; or using it in any sort of educational or advertising capacity; or posting it to your YouTube site and then linking that to your business webpage or business FB page; or uploading your video to a digital frame and displaying in a public location in order to promote your training classes to potential clients, etc. -> all of these uses are examples that require the purchase of a commercial use license.
    • A Personal Use license is automatically included when purchasing a Premium/Business Use license. Meaning you can use the video in a personal capacity (share on your personal social media sites, etc) just as you would if you had purchased a Standard/Personal Use license
    • A discount schedule is offered when purchasing multiple videos.  The more videos you purchase, the deeper the discount. See the price list above (scroll up).
    • A Premium/Business Use license can be added on at a later time if you're not certain you want it at the time of your initial purchase.  If you've already purchased a Standard Use license and now want to add on a Premium/Business Use License, click here. Colleen will reprocess the videos and add a title at the beginning of the video, add arrows indicating all hide placements and distractors in the container searches (if there are any), and merge multiple views when multiple camera angles are captured for the search. 
  3. STANDARD USE/PERSONAL USE LICENSES: A Standard Use license allows you to share the video on your personal FB page or personal YouTube site, for example. This license is NON-TRANSFERRABLE - meaning, you can't forward the video to your trainer or breeder so that (s)he can post it on his/her webpage.  However, if your breeder or training instructor would like to display the video on his/her webpage, please contact Colleen directly at colleenmgriffith@gmail.com to discuss. 
  4. SAMPLE VIDEOS: If you'd like to wait for some sample videos to be posted before you decide if you'd like to purchase the videos of your searches, it usually takes Colleen no longer than 1 day after a trial weekend has been completed to post a few sample videos from each day of the trial (but typically they're posted within a day of the trial completion). She always posts at least one sample video from each search she videoed for each trial day.  Click on the links below to see a few sample videos from each day of the trial:  
  5. PREVIEWING COMPETITOR VIDEOS: Scroll up to the top of this page (under the section titled "Additional Information") to learn about previewing videos of your searches.
  6. ENSURING QUALITY: I generally like to ensure the quality of my videos is excellent
    • So, I will discount if there is a meaningful quality issue, for example, one of the volunteers decides to use my camera as an arm-rest and obscures a part of your search. Or a camera gets knocked over by the wind and misses half of your search. If the quality issue is bad enough, I will give the video for free. 
    • I can generally catch any meaningful quality issues prior to your purchase and inform you of the issue before sending the videos you can choose to buy or not. 
    • Be certain to review all the sample videos that are posted for each element videoed (scroll down for a link) so you know where the camera is positioned for each element videoed. These sample videos will give you an accurate idea of how the video of your searches will look. 
    • If you have never bought from Colleen before, and you are very concerned with possible quality issues, let Colleen know and she can preview the videos of your searches prior to paying and inform you of any potential issues.
    • Be certain to read all the details in the section titled "Description Of All Videos" and "Additional General Information" (scroll up to find both of those sections). These sections help you understand the camera set up (camera mounted so no possible camera shake, etc) and other pertinent information for each search where you're considering making a purchase. 
  7. REFUND POLICY: once I upload your videos to a gallery and send you an email with the gallery password, NO REFUNDS WILL BE GRANTED unless there is a technical glitch or malfunction with my equipment that I managed to miss and that causes a significant quality issue, or if I missed some other significant quality issue, or if I happened to upload the wrong video.  You are responsible for reading and understanding all the information contained on this page before submitting your payment.  Email Colleen at colleenmgriffith@gmail.com if you have any questions that aren't answered on this page before submitting your payment.  
    • For example, I will happily provide a refund in situations where an equipment malfunction prevents me from recording a large portion of your search.  
    • If you changed your mind about purchasing a particular video and or made a mistake regarding the specific videos you intended to order, there is no refund once I send the email containing the link to your gallery. 
  8. DOWNLOADING COMPATIBILITY: you will need a desktop or laptop comuter (both a PC or a Mac will work) to download the video(s).  I believe the videos will download onto most android phones; however, I can not guarantee it will download onto an iPhone or onto an iPad. If you prefer a hard copy of your video be mailed to you via the US Post Office, then you will be responsible for shipping and handling charges as well (see bullet point number 5 in the section "Instructions for Purchasing.")
  9. WATERMARKS: The text "© 2017 Colleen Griffith.  No usage rights without written permission." will NOT be included in any videos you purchase from Colleen.  There will, however, be a very small watermark stating my website address "www.ColleenMGriffith.com" in the bottom right hand corner of the video.  It should be relatively discrete so as not to distract from the action in the video and I do find it necessary to include since not all trial hosts will include my contact information on their website or int the information they send out to the competitors. 
  10. EDITING SERVICES: All purchased videos are un-edited and straight out of the camera.  If you'd like me to edit your video for you for some reason, my fees are $85/hour or $15 per each 10 minute increment of time spent editing.  Contact Colleen directly for an estimate if you'd like to utilize this service.
  11. PURCHASING PHOTOS: Sometimes it's possible to extract decent photos when I video NW trials. Extracting decent photos from video is time consuming work and each order is a custom job, hence, if you'd like ot purchase a photo, it's $10 for each photo. To learn more, click here
    • If you've paid using the PayPal button, it typically takes 1 to 3 days for Colleen to process, upload, and send the email with the download instructions once Colleen receives the payment. Standard videos are faster than Premium videos since the Premium videos require considerably more editing time before sending
    • If you've paid by check, you should expect a 1 week turn-around once Colleen receives the check. This gives enough time to deposit the check and wait for it to clear in her account, before she sends the email containing the downloading instructions.
    • If you've paid to have the videos mailed to you o a Thumbdrive via the US Post Office, then you should expect a 1 to 2 week turn around once Colleen receives your payment. 
    Purchasing Instructions:
    1. Read through the video descriptions at the top of this page (scroll up) to undertand which elements Colleen videoed and which she did not.  
    2. If you decide to purchase video(s) of your dog(s) at the trial, send an email to Colleen Griffith at colleenmgriffith@gmail.com to let her know which searches you'd like to purchase.  Please send her the following information:  
      1. which license you will be purchasing: a Premium/Business Use or a Standard/Personal Use license (scroll up to read the definitions of each and look at sample videos to understand what edits are included with each)
      2. your name
      3. your dog's name
      4. your dog's breed
      5. the date you and your dog searched, 
      6. the specific element videos you'd like to purchase (i.e., Container, Vehicle, Exterior).
      7. your run-order number (if you can remember it; don't worry if you can't) 
      8. if you are purchasing Premium/Business Use licenses: if you don't want arrows added to your videos indicating the hide placements, let Colleen know that; also let her know if you don't want a timer included either.
    3. Submit payment by selecting the appropriate option from the drop down menu in one of the PayPal Buttons below (scroll down). If you'd prefer to pay by check, include that information in your email to Colleen and she will send you instructions on where to mail the check.  
      • The 1st PayPal button is for purchasing Standard/Personal Use licenses
      • The 2nd PayPal button is for purchasing Premium/Business Use licenses. You should use this if you'd like the premium editing and/or if you're planning on using your video for Business purposes (any activity that where you receive a payment). Read the details posted above in "Section 2. PREMIUM USE/BUSINESS USE LICENSES" for more information on when a Business Use license is needed. Also, when you purchase a Business Use License, a Personal Use license is automatically included.
      • Be certain to read the Refund Policy stated above before finalizing your purchase.
      • When I offer two different camera angles for a particular search:  you just have to pay for ONE video and you'll receive BOTH camera angles.  So keep that in mind when selecting the appropriate option from the PayPal drop-down menu. 
    4. Once Colleen receives payment for the videos you'd like to purchase, she'll edit the videos (editing is very time consuming, and so Colleen only edits specific videos after an order is received), and then post the finished video to her Box.com site and send you an email with a password and a link so you can view and then download them.  
      • After payment is received, the editing process begins and it will likely take two to three days for Colleen to post the videos to her site and then send you the email with instructions regarding how to download the videos you purchased. 
      • Colleen will not email you with confirmation that she has received your order until after the video has been edited and after it is posted and ready for download (which could take up to three days).
      • If you have placed an order, and haven't received the email with instructions for downloading, please wait 3 days from the day and time you placed your order before following up with Colleen. 
      • Be sure to read the Refund Policy stated above before finalizing your purchase.
      • If you send your payment via check (instead of using the PayPal buttons), it could take as long as a week or two (after Colleen receives the check) for you to receive the email with instructions for downloading the video you purchased. Turn around time for this depends highly on Colleen's travel schedule.  
    5. If you prefer to have the videos mailed to you via US Post Office, instead of an email download, then you will be responsible for paying for packaging, shipping, and handling which is an additional $10 charge on top of the video fees listed below.  The video(s) will be loaded onto a Thumbdrive and mailed in bubble-wrap packaging.  To pay for shipping and handling, you'll need to either make a separate payment via PayPal (click here to pay the S&H fee) in addition to your video fees or mail a check to Colleen that includes the cost of the S&H fees in addition to the video-download fees (use the Contact Us link on this webpage to ask Colleen for a mailing address for the check).  Keep in mind it'll likely take one to two weeks after Colleen receives payment for you to receive the video(s) you purchased when having them mailed via the US Post Office. 
    6. If you prefer to pay by check, send Colleen an email and whe will give you instructions. Click here to send her an email. (this will take you to the Contact Us page where you can fill out a form which will get emailed to her).



    Submit Payment Via One of the Below PayPal Buttons

    1. To Purchase a Standard/Personal Use License, follow the purchasing instructions as listed immediately above and then select the appropriate option from the drop-down menu of this PayPal Button:

    Standard/Personal Use License: NW Trial Video Download

    Standard/Personal Use License: Trial Video Download

    2. To Purchase a Premium/Business Use License, follow the purchasing instructions as listed immediately above and then select the appropriate option from the drop-down menu of this PayPal Button: 

    Premium/Business Use License: NW Trial Video Download

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